Honda is proud to introduce the next standard in hybrid transportation – the all-new Honda Clarity! Available to be powered by electricity, gas or – if in California – hydrogen, the newest generation Clarity is all about options. The plug-in variant offers 47 miles of range on electric before the 1.5-liter combustion engine has to take over, making this a forward-thinking car.

The 181HP electric motor and 17 kWh lithium battery design promises zero emissions on almost all common, local tasks while the gas engine adds limitless flexibility and confidence for those longer journeys. While the battery provides an issue-free, EPA-estimated 48 miles, its inline-four cylinder gas backup extends the Clarity’s range to 340 miles before refuel and recharge. Together, they deliver a combined rating of 110MPGe electrical and a 42MPG estimate on gas.

Best detail of all: the all-new Clarity is a Honda through-and-through. While boasting a futuristic design, there’s no mistaking the Honda sport sedan DNA at the core of the Honda Clarity, meaning the Clarity is an athletic fuel-sipper that’s eager to please even the most demanding drivers. Additionally, the traditional suite of Honda safety and convenience features come standard, including Honda Sensing and LaneWatch driver aids, an 8-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capability, a backup camera, Bluetooth, heated seats, LED lighting and much, much more.

The all-new Clarity combining all the benefits of an electric car with the convenience of a hybrid, making it a revolutionary approach to alternative fuel vehicles. Many commutes simply can be performed on electrical power alone, allowing the Clarity to make visits to the gas pump rare or even obsolete, thanks to convenient home-charging from a standard outlet. Generous tax credits, HOV privileges and rebates, spacious interior luxury, room for five adults and countless other details makes the all-new Honda Clarity the best choice for anyone interested in eco-friendly, affordable, practical transportation. Come see it in person at South Motors Honda.