Honda recently announced the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Odyssey and Honda CR-V all earned Edmunds’ Buyer’s Most Wanted Award, with each model topping its class across the segments.

The Honda Accord claimed the Midsize Car Segment, while the Odyssey took the Minivan Segment. Honda Civic beat the competition in the Compact Car Segment and the CR-V rose to the top of its class in Compact SUV Segment. Hundreds of vehicles across all brands and classes are analyzed by Edmunds for the first 9 months of the year to establish the winners of each category. Vehicles are ranked based on highest overall sales, fastest selling speeds and other consumer metrics from the Edmunds site. Rankings are weighed equally to establish the winners for each segment.

“The Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards recognize the 17 most popular vehicles among car shoppers according to sales data and car shopping trends. The awards celebrate the one vehicle in each segment that is winning both the hearts and wallets of car buyers”, says Edmunds.